Roshelle is a Creative Arts Psychotherapist who specializes in dance and movement. As an artist, therapist and teacher she is inspired by the connection between movement and maintaining wellness. Completing her formal education at Philadelphia’s University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University, she has traveled throughout the U.S., Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean practicing therapy, teaching, and performing solo as well as with various step teams, interpretive dance ensembles and hip hop dance troupes.

Roshelle continues to broaden her knowledge by studying with teachers and dance organizations across the country, and her innovative choreography and love of dance enhances her teaching capabilities. Having been classically trained (ballet, modern, tap, jazz), and later trained in West African, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Caribbean and Hip Hop related dance styles (locking, popping, breaking, house, waaking/vogue, and old school/new school hip hop), Roshelle brings her diverse artistic style to every project and is dedicated to teaching and inspiring hope and healing through dance in performance, practice and fitness. Her passion for the performing arts radiates from within as she inspires others as an actress, poet, writer, mentor, and model.