The Jamaican Heritage Society is a mission-focused organization devoted to the promotion and development of:

  • Health & human service initiatives
  • Education Technology – bridging the knowledge gap between individuals and organizations who have the skillset to support those in need
  • Facilitating sustainable relationships and partnerships among the global Jamaican Diaspora

The Jamaican Heritage Society enables Jamaicans to use the mobile technology available to them to access historical information, connect with skilled members of the Jamaican Diaspora, and participate in educational mentorship programs with other members of the Jamaican Diaspora.

Through all of our initiatives, the Jamaican Heritage Society engages others to actively participate in the Diaspora Movement, enhances and creates online mechanisms for increasing Diaspora involvement and will create a scalable framework for building global online communities devoted to a shared cause.   

The Jamaican Heritage Society will bring together a large cohort of activists from across the United States to engage in targeted workshops on coding, web development and social media as a means to raise awareness and create catalytic change in the areas of Education, Entrepreneurship and Development.

Overtime with the scalable framework that JAHs builds there will be a holistic strategy to target financial literacy, self reliance and activate communities via exposure to web and technology tools.